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blaisie omg by StandingCat blaisie omg :iconstandingcat:StandingCat 1 1
Nobody wants the thimble.
Kimmy's mom and dad snuggle her down in the beanbag chair as they get out the board games and have a vote on which one should be the party game. Monopoly wins.
Little five-year old Kimmy watches as the board is set up, the "banker" is assigned, and finally, all the pieces are laid out. The classic argument. Kimmy's seven-year old brother immediately "calls" the doggie. Her hippie cousin grabs the shoe, and her boyfriend takes the boat. Grandma and Grandpa pick the cannon and the iron, and finally, Kimmy's mum and Dad take the top hat and the wheelbarrow. Kimmy notices one piece has been completely ignored: the thimble. The thimble, she decides, doesn't have a real purpose as a game piece: with the car, one can zoom around the board in style. With the shoe, one can get the feeling of "walking" around the board. With the boat, one can sail. The cannon inspires competitive spirit, the iron flattens everything in its path. The top hat is for businessmen, and the wheelbarrow can lug
:iconstandingcat:StandingCat 5 11
Headlights are piercing through the night as the neighbourhood lights flicker out, house by house.
The car has been evacuated, leaving it looking blank, and perhaps slightly lonely, sitting out in the snow.
It appears that the owner has been careless. Why, the headlights have been left on, and the car is sitting a bit farther away from the curb than people normally park.
A rushed parking job?
Who drove this car?
It could be a person running for their life.
It could be a person running to save someone else's.
It could be a person running to catch their foolish brother and to stop him from doing something rash.
They could be running to stop their lover from leaving them.
They could be running to stop their dear friend from ending her life.
Who knows? Maybe they're just running late.
:iconstandingcat:StandingCat 2 0
Find your love.
Love is life
and life is love.
Your voice rings
softly as a dove.
Life is love
and love is life.
You calm the panic,
soothe the strife.
Hate is death
and death is hate.
The mournful cries
come far too late.
Death is hate
and hate is death.
We succumb one day
to it's icy breath.
:iconstandingcat:StandingCat 1 6
You look lovely today.
A person is looking in a mirror.
The statement:
"I'm so ugly."
The response:
People think nothing of this. We feel sympathy for this person, because we can relate.
The statement:
"I look pretty today!"
The response:
People frown upon this. Words like "vain" and "self-centred" come to mind.
There is something wrong with the fact that in situations like this, hate is accepted while love is rejected. It really says something about the positivity of our society. 
Or should I say, lack thereof.
:iconstandingcat:StandingCat 3 13
The Hole
I was ignorant.
I didn't see the gaping hole streching right in front of my eyes, threatening to cause trouble.
I just skipped on, singing my songs.
Over the years, it seems that I haven't learned a thing from watching you. Nothing about how you give your undivided attention to those speaking to you. Nothing about how easily your nerves are touched. Nothing about how clumsy I am with what I say.
I was arrogant.
I didn't realize how much I took the rules of the social tree to heart.
I just rambled on, strutting my stuff.
Over the years, it seems I haven't learned a thing from watching others. Nothing about when to stop short and contemplate what I've said. Nothing about considering effects on my future happiness or the feelings of the ones I care about. Nothing about empathizing or thinking before I speak.
I was diligent.
I didn't see that I'd left myself far too hard a task, that you were already recovering and walking away from my door.
I just worked on winning yo
:iconstandingcat:StandingCat 1 8
How much?
Can it really be expressed in the muted words of a poet?
One who flies jets like a colourblind man.
How long?
What meaning does time carry with it to someone like you?
Someone who wishes to be forever young.
How does it feel?
Is it not one of the human's most natural emotions?
As natural as the will to survive.
You should stop. It's foolish.
Will you never understand?
Be warned, words can cut like knives.
:iconstandingcat:StandingCat 2 4
Cloudy days
The boy
The girl
Had been friends since forever. In the summer, they played together every day. When school was looming over their heads, it was nearly so. They always played together, just the two of them. They were best friends, dropping by at each other's houses and staying for hours, sharing stories, interests, families. They kept it up for a good eight years. Even though the two had some impossibly different opinions, at the end of the day, there wasn't one they couldn't look past and become best friends again. 
But soon, problems invaded like a dark cloud over the sunny friendship.
Invading opinions.
Trust issues.
The girl stays up at night, worrying about her problems and wishing she could talk to the boy about them.
The boy, misunderstanding every word that comes out of the girl's mouth, puts up an impenetrable wall so as to never let her in again.
The girl doubts she will ever be able to trust the boy again. The girl is
:iconstandingcat:StandingCat 0 8
Oh, really?
People say, "Why does she like him?"
I'll tell you why.
He's a really sweet guy.
He can make me laugh when I feel like crying.
He knows and appreciates art.
Have you noticed he's good looking? Maybe that'll change your judgemental materialistic little minds.
So what if he's a year older than me? Are your parents exactly the same age? Your grandparents?
Seeing his face makes me instantly happy.
Missing a chance to makes me instantly cry.
And that, my friends, is precisely why.
No go and mind your own business.
:iconstandingcat:StandingCat 1 10
The Five Senses of Envy
Jealousy feels like a tremendous ache
A happy young girl, serenity at stake
Jealousy feels like you've waited too long
And regret is all yours
It's so wrong, just so wrong
Jealousy looks like a sudden shifted gaze
Like thinking too much and drifting into a daze
Jealousy looks like one confused person
And another who understands too much to listen
Jealousy sounds like a voice getting softer
Footsteps getting faster, an unbuttoned collar
Jealousy sounds like a song with no power
A song that reminds you of pain every hour
Jealousy smells like too much perfume
A little more ignorance will fog up the room
Jealousy smells like a pen that was shattered
And simply ignoring the ink that's now splattered
Jealousy tastes like your favourite food
With enough sauce to terminally worsen your mood
Jealousy tastes like blood, sweat and tears
A failure after working for so many years
Jealousy. All in all, it's a horrible feeling. Don't you wish that it weren't yours?
:iconstandingcat:StandingCat 2 2
Never Perfect
Every time there's a chance, I jump
But never high enough.
Every time I make a mistake, I fall
But always far too low
Every time I trip I land
Flat on my face and the tears come slipping and I can't re-try, no I can't fix it.
I'm a mess, but please take me.
:iconstandingcat:StandingCat 0 4
New ID by StandingCat New ID :iconstandingcat:StandingCat 0 13
Lost Girl, Part One

Part one: Losing Herself
     Everything about her was a mystery. Kane and Lucy, two childhood friends, had discovered the girl standing alone in a field of snow when they were only five years old. They asked her who she was, and her reply was "I don't know". The two children talked to her for a few minutes, but afterwards, they were still in the dark about her identity, because frankly, so was she.
     They took her home to Lucy's house and introduced her to Lucy's parents. Marie, Lucy's mother, asked what her name was. After thinking for a few moments, the girl replied "I suppose my name is Nala." Lucy's father smiled. "Why do you suppose that, sweetie? What about your parents? They would have been the ones who named you, right?" The little girl, who we will now call Nala, gave him a quizzical look and said, "I'm sorry, sir. I really don't remember anything except w
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Ordinary Tack by StandingCat Ordinary Tack :iconstandingcat:StandingCat 1 2 It's a Mystery by StandingCat It's a Mystery :iconstandingcat:StandingCat 0 5 Pierce through the grey by StandingCat Pierce through the grey :iconstandingcat:StandingCat 1 3


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